My causes

I am currently involved in various causes. The first is a petition to regulate, license, and treat midwives as we would any other health professional.

I have created a Loss Survey as I am rather curious as to what the statistics really say!

Lastly, I am getting started creating birth announcements and birth/death announcements. Announcements are free for bereaved parents. Any proceeds will go towards purchasing casting kits for bereavement programs at local hospitals. My hope is to be able to spread this ministry out and provide these to even more hospitals around the country, and possibly overseas. I would also like to have kits on hand for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Bereavement Photographers. If you are looking for any other type of announcement, Drop me a line and I will work with you. Contact me for more info !

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My life after loss

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you baby girl. Family functions are a reminder. Watching the kids play reminds me that you will never know what it is like to run, laugh, feel the sunlight on your skin, or feel the wind in your hair. The pictures I have of you are the only ones I will ever get. We got your headstone ordered and have the compuer generated image. You will have the only pink heart in the entire cemetary. You have lots of stuff there too. I think you have more stuff than anyone else!! You are spoiled, angelcake. I love you so much.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Introducing me

I am a mother to 5 wonderful children here on earth. My youngest child passed away after her birth. This will be my place to just get out my thoughts, feelings, and talk about my life after loss. My children mean everything to me and losing one has been devastating. Some days I am ok and others, I can break down at the drop of a hat. I am conflicted about so many of my thoughts and beliefs. I was a totally crunchy mom but am now questioning all of that. I have had two homebirths. One turned out awesome and the other, turned out horrible. I feel that if I had just trusted the actual professionals, my baby would be here. Now, since I feel homebirth was wrong, I question my not vaxing philosophies. I am seriously thinking about catching my last three children up. I hate second guessing myself.