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I am currently involved in various causes. The first is a petition to regulate, license, and treat midwives as we would any other health professional.

I have created a Loss Survey as I am rather curious as to what the statistics really say!

Lastly, I am getting started creating birth announcements and birth/death announcements. Announcements are free for bereaved parents. Any proceeds will go towards purchasing casting kits for bereavement programs at local hospitals. My hope is to be able to spread this ministry out and provide these to even more hospitals around the country, and possibly overseas. I would also like to have kits on hand for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Bereavement Photographers. If you are looking for any other type of announcement, Drop me a line and I will work with you. Contact me for more info !

Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's hitting me

That we will never get to experience Mary's firsts. There was never a first bath, first coo, first smile, no nothing. She got the first visitors when the neighbor girls came over. That's it. We tried to have a first feed. She will never crawl, walk, get teeth, say mama or dada, walk, roll, play, swim, go to school, go to a grandparents house, talk, jump in freshly raked leaves, build a snowman, see her first christmas tree, have a first holiday, or have a birthday. All the firsts will NEVER happen, ever. We are missing out on so much. i don't think it hits me until i see friends or family members babies doing something. It's like a knife in your heart.


His Tender Mercies said...

I'm so sorry you are missing out on so much! My heart breaks for you!

To know one of Mary's FIRSTS was seeing the face of Jesus is the best first anyone could know..... even though so many broken hearts are left behind because she is no longer with you.

Dear Lord,

Please give this heart broken mommy the grace to get through this day & the next & any day that her pain is so raw. Lord comfort her & let your love and presence be known to her. Draw her near to you.

In Jesus name,

zadie&phoenix said...

oh Mamma, my heart hurts for you. I'm praying and sending you LOTS of hugs today

Melanie said...

Oh mama. This post has me in tears for you. May the Lord rain down comfort on you today. Love you, sister!

Anonymous said...

I know how this feels. The grief when you loose a baby is amazing and huge.

Take your time, be gentle with yourself if you can.